About Us

Traveler's Soap Co. was a creation between two people, with the ultimate goal of being able to combine our passion of traveling with our passion of soap making. We both enjoy to travel and we both share a passion for aircooled Volkswagens, so the ability to travel to car shows, fairs and local farmers market events in one of our Volkswagens (Thing or Vanagon) is the end result of our idea! 

The traveling community is such an awesome group of individuals and couples, whether it be in their VW buses or their tents and campfires, the inspiration for this company has always been from them. We made this company with the hopes of getting inside that little niche of travelers and car owners that are looking for a natural soap made by people with the exact same interest as them, no fakes, we really love this stuff and the life style.

Our soaps are made right here in Savannah, Georgia! Made with the traveler in mind, we aim for what's inside the soap, not how pretty it looks. We use the simplest ingredients and the bare minimum in packaging so that we are able to keep the price at an affordable number for our customers. Environmentally safe and being "Green" are a big deal to us so we use things like Sustainable ingredients and you can even burn our label as a fire starter instead of throwing it in the trash.


Veteran owned and American Made, we love this country and the values it stands for. 


Our 1980 VW Vanagon...aka Suds Mackenzie  or  #soapbox